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To bet or to check-raise?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

PKR Online PokerWhat do you do when you are up against a player and you think you have winning cards. It is really quite hard to decide especially when you are the first to act.

Of course when you play casino games you want to get more money into the pot but what will be the best way to do it?

Check Raising

When you check raise, you are sure that more money will get into the pot because you raised the chips so the other player will have to put in more to see what card is next.

One downside though is that when you show too much strength, your opponent might chicken out and fold. If this happens, this will be a missed opportunity for you.

Betting out

When we bet, with raising after at the back of our minds, we remove the possibility for our opponent to see a free card. It also does not take away the air of mystery about the cards that we have. Though you will be able to disguise your cards, in a way, you are also limiting the amount of money that your opponent can put in. (more…)

Bankroll Management in Poker

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Many players play poker for recreational purposes, some play with the intention of earning money and some players play for the fun of it.

You should refrain from investing big amount if you are playing just for the aspect of fun and enjoyment. Ace King of SpadesIf you are a seasoned player and have proven your worth by winning games on the poker table then you should have the confidence of laying 100 odd bets on the limit you play.

If you are playing at $5-8 then your limit should be around $2000 in the bankroll. Having fair idea about your betting limits is a great and a positive way to approach the game. If players know their beting limits they would not go overboard and blow all the money in the bankroll. Good poker players effectively manage their bankroll.

Avoid consuming alcohol while playing poker as it taints the mood and if you are on a losing streak you start betting recklessly to win the old money back. One of the best ways of bankroll management is to handle the amount in the account in a resourceful manner.

You should never participate in a game which is above the limits of the money in your account. You should glue yourself to the current balance in your account and shape the game accordingly with your betting gestures.

One of the most foolish acts of a poker player would be using all the money in the account for a sit and go or maybe plunging into a cash game. A resourceful pattern of managing your bankroll is spreading the amount on different poker tables which would magnify your chances of winning and increase your hourly earnings as well.