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10 May 2012

Should internet poker be legal in the USA? I think so!

People in most places in the world can and do play online poker at the best online casinos, the one major exception is the United States. Make no mistake there are plenty of people in the US who play
3 Sep 2011

Poker Tips: How to handle poker downswings

You cannot win them all so the cliché goes. There will be times, a lot of times, that you go home with lesser money than before sitting down on a poker table. There are days or nights
17 Jan 2011

Poker Basics: Playing on a loose table

Playing on a loose poker table can mean raking in a lot of money at the end of the night. It will not be that easy though since you need to make some adjustments and use the
9 Jun 2010

Balancing family life and Poker

If you have committed to playing regular poker with plans of pushing it to become a pro, then you might also be struggling with ways of how you can balance your poker with your family life. Achieving
13 Apr 2010

To bet or to check-raise?

What do you do when you are up against a player and you think you have winning cards. It is really quite hard to decide especially when you are the first to act. Of course when you
14 Nov 2009

Bankroll Management in Poker

Many players play poker for recreational purposes, some play with the intention of earning money and some players play for the fun of it. You should refrain from investing big amount if you are playing just for